Association of  the Victims of Uphaar Tragedy (AVUT) was founded when the totally avoidable and unnecessary Uphaar Fire  tragedy struck Delhi on June 13th, 1997, raising important questions about our social values and our ability as a nation, to implement and enforce some of the most basic laws governing the safety and survival of our people. 59 people lost their lives for no fault on their part.

The last 21 years have been excruciating and agonizing for us.  However, the outcome of the cases has, in fact, impacted public safety which has resulted in Public Spaces being more fire safe than what they were two decades back.  The authorities and the owners/ occupiers of the public spaces have become more conscious and fire compliant. We at AVUT  are undertaking  all possible steps to avoid manmade disasters like “ Uphaar”.

Major Achievements of AVUT:

  • AVUT’s endeavors have ensured that due attention is given to safety norms in public spaces, specially cinema halls & Multiplexes with owners and Government authorities ensuring strict compliance of fire safety rules.
  • The implementation of the “Jai Prakash Narain Trauma Centre (AIIMS)” by the Union of India. This project was in fact a nonstarter since 1983 and it was only during the hearing of the Civil writ filed by AVUT that the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, had directed the Union of India to set up the trauma centre which was the main prayer in our  Writ Petition.
  • The Supreme Court in the year 2015,while convicting the owners of Uphaar Cinema in the appeal filed by AVUT , had imposed a fine of Rs 60 Crore. This amount has been paid to the Delhi Government to set up another Trauma Centre.
  • On a proposal by AVUT to the Union Government for bringing in a legislation to prevent man-made disaster in Public Spaces, the Law Commission of India has published a consultation paper dealing with man-made disasters. Our endeavor is to get this legislation passed on a priority basis.


  • To organize Seminars, Debates & Workshops to highlight the lack of basic safety measures in public spaces specially Educational Institutions , Multiplexes & Malls   .
  • To ensure implementations of the judgement of safety laws, rendered by all Hon’ble Courts in the country.
  • To highlight the need of effective enforcement of the rules and regulation violating safety laws.
  • To examine legislation in the field of safety laws and to take measures to have the regulations upgraded keeping in view the needs changing with time.

“Let’s work together for a SAFE India”