The Association of Victims of the Uphaar Tragedy (AVUT) has been fighting to get justice for their loved ones who were killed on June 13th, 1997 at Uphaar Cinema, New Delhi in one of the worst manmade tragedies.


AVUT invested its faith in the Criminal Justice System and took up an arduous and agonizing fight for justice in the hope that it would get justice for those who were killed in the tragedy. But the final verdict of the Supreme Court we believe is certain to go down in the history as a travesty of justice. AVUT’s  endeavour for past 21 years has been not only to get justice for our loved ones, but also to ensure implementation of   safety laws in public spaces so that no precious human lives are  lost.


In the last two decades the nation has witnessed many fire tragedies, the most recent being Kamala Mills Fire, Mumbai. Apart from the number of casualties being different, there is one common thread that runs through each of   them is that all of them were man-made. Under our prevalent system, such offenders are booked under section 304-A of the Indian Penal Code which translates into causing death due to rash and negligent act. In this grim scenario, incidents of such catastrophic magnitude are bound to recur since there is no legal deterrence that can instill fear in the minds of possible wrongdoers


In the Uphaar Fire Tragedy Case Sushil Ansal who had merely under gone 5 months in jail, was allowed to walk free by the Apex Court because of his old age – a pitiful 2 ½  days in jail for each of the lives lost.

Years later, we have again been reminded of the insensitivity of our times. Someone accused of killing a Blackbuck is sentenced to five years in prison.”Yeh Kaisa Insaaf Hai”?

It is with utmost pain that we have come to realize that for our policy makers and decision makers, human life is of little value. The owners /occupiers are doing little to be fire compliant and the Government agencies are compromised.

We have spent the last twenty one years suffering pain, emptiness & desperation, hoping that this verdict would bring peace to the departed souls of our loved ones. We heard it said innumerable times that justice should not only be done, but must also be seen to be done. But unfortunately justice has been denied to the Uphaar victims

Neelam Krishnamoorthy

President AVUT

AVUT PRAYER MEET: 21st Death Anniversary of Uphaar Fire Victims

AVUT PRAYER MEET: 21st Death Anniversary of Uphaar Fire Victims

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018 AT 9 a.m.


Please join us for the annual Havan and Shanti Paath that the families of those who lost their precious lives in the Uphaar Fire have been performing for 21 years for the peace of the departed souls.

Today we pray not for justice for the departed souls, but for those who are naïve enough to seek justice in this country as we did.





We urge people to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves when they’re in public buildings like malls, theatres, Hospitals, and restaurants.

Most people don’t consider fire a significant risk, and complacency is one of the greatest dangers when it comes to fire safety,

No one ever thinks it will happen to them – until it does. Fires can and do happen and people need to be prepared in the event of one. Continue reading






After making the victims of the terrible Uphaar tragedy wait for justice for eighteen long years, on 19th August 2015, the highest court in the land unjustly permitted the convicted Ansal brothers, Sushil and Gopal, to escape their prison sentence by paying a price of 60 crores to the Delhi Government, ostensibly for the construction of a trauma centre in Delhi NCR. The Ansals deposited Rs 30 crore each to the Chief Secretary, Delhi Government on 9th November 2015 and the same has been accepted.

In the nineteen years since June 13, 1997, we have been hoping to get justice from the judiciary all the while undergoing further stress and trauma. Sadly, the interests of the accused seem to be of greater importance than the interests of victims.

We believe that the message sent by this sentence is one that will prove to be dangerous for the safety and welfare of the citizens of this country, and more so for the residents of Delhi. Instead of imposing punitive measures on the convicts, the order actually gives convicts and criminals the option of paying a price for their freedom. By this logic the rich and powerful in the  corporate sector who own most  public spaces like multiplexes ,hospitals, shopping malls, schools  could take hundreds of lives, secure in the knowledge that even if they are convicted, payment of a penalty of 1 crore per life taken will ensure that they can go scot-free. We have waited nineteen years for justice. But the Ansal brothers were able to walk free after just a few months in jail. With this judgement of the Supreme Court  how do we ensure that no more lives are lost because of pure greed and recklessness?

Though the Supreme Court allowed an open court hearing of the Review Petition on 6th January 2016 it has still not been taken up or scheduled for hearing. Since the matter was not being listed, AVUT mentioned the matter in the court of Hon’ ble Chief Justice on 17th March 2016 for an early hearing. CJI assured the counsel appearing for AVUT that the review plea would be listed for hearing after the Holi vacation. As the matter was not listed after the Holi vacation AVUT mentioned the matter again on 19th April 2016. The court said it would consult the concerned judges of the bench and explore possibility of listing and hearing the plea during upcoming summer vacation. Unfortunately no orders have been passed.

We at AVUT sincerely hope that justice would be done so that there is a judicial closure for the victims’ families.





Visit: http://www.rememberuphaar.com





AVUT Prayer Meet

AVUT PRAYER MEET: 19th Death Anniversary of Uphaar Fire Victims

Monday, 13th June, 2016 AT 9 a.m.


For 19 long  years the families of those who lost their precious lives in the Uphaar Cinema Fire have continued to perform Havan & Shanti Path for the peace of the departed souls. There can be no Peace without justice for our loved ones.  



PRESS RELEASE-13.06.2014

Members of AVUT who lost 59 relatives in a fire in Uphaar cinema on Friday, June 13, 1997 have, for the past 17 years also grappled with an excruciating legal battle.  After a sustained & prolonged legal battle AVUT’s stand has been vindicated when the Hon’ble Supreme Court convicted Sushil Ansal & Gopal Ansal.

The verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme court dated 5th March 2014, convicted Sushil Ansal & Gopal Ansal owners/occupiers of the cinema on the grounds that the Ansal brothers not only showed scant regard for the safety of patrons by closing the exit, putting up extra seats in the gangway for some extra money, but also endangered their safety by making structural changes in the theatre. But all these findings failed to give any concrete results to the 17 year long efforts of the families of the victims when the bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court differed on the quantum of sentence after concurring on their guilt under Section 304A of Indian Penal Code for negligent acts.

The bench referred determination of sentence to a three-judge bench .The victims will now have to await the decision of the three-judge bench.

Our courts have not learnt from their counterparts in other countries who have dealt sternly and swiftly with regard to tragedies involving human lives. In the recent judgement by an Italian court in the Asbestos case, the courts have sentenced the accused to 18 years in jail and have ordered him to pay tens of millions of Euros to local authorities and the victim’s family. The owner of the República de Cromañón nightclub in Buenos Aires was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the 2004 blaze that killed 194 music fans. These verdicts are in sharp contrast to the conservative judgements passed by our courts.  The law is being administered by our courts for law’s sake and not for justice.

Punishment should always be proportionate to /commensurate with the gravity of the offence, and economic or social status of the accused or long pendency of the criminal trial cannot be construed as a factor for reducing the sentence.

Members of the Association hope that the larger bench would consider the enormity of the tragedy before deciding on the quantum of sentence. It is very evident from the findings of the Hon’ble Supreme Court that 59 invaluable lives were snuffed out due to wanton disregard of the statutes with the intention of making extra money rather than ensuring the safety of patrons. We also hope that the decision on the quantum of punishment is such that it would send a strong message to the occupiers & owners of public spaces that they cannot endanger human lives to fill their coffers.

We appeal to the Government of India to bring in a new legislation to deal with man-made disasters pending for past 5 years.

We at AVUT still await closure.