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13.06.1997: Fifty nine people die of Asphyxia and over 100 injured in the worst ever cinema disaster in the country due to fire at Uphaar cinema in New Delhi. The FIR was lodged in the Hauz Khas Police Station. The investigation was handed over to crime branch Delhi Police in the third week of June 1997. Subsequently the investigation was transferred to CBI on 26th July 1997.


15.11.1997: Charge Sheet filed by CBI against 16 accused.


20.11.2007: Judgement of Trial Court convicting all the 12 accused charge sheeted by the CBI. (4 accused died during the trial namely R M Puri Director Uphaar, Uphaar, K L Malhotra , D G M  Uphaar, S N Dandona ( PWD) &  Surinder Dutt ( DFS)


Sushil Ansal & Gopal Ansal – 2 years (u/s 304 A IPC, 337,338)


Radhakishan Sharma, Ajit Choudhary & N S Chopra (Managers – Uphaar Cinema) – 7years u/s 304 IPC


Manmohan Unniyal (Gate Keeper Uphaar Cinema) – 7 years  u/s 304 IPC


B M Satija, A K Gera & Bir Singh (DVB) – 7 years u/s  304 IPC


H S  Panwar ( DFS) – 2 years u/s 304 A IPC


N D Tiwari & Shyam Sunder Sharma (MCD) – 2 years u/s 304 A IPC



10.09.2008: The Hon’ble Supreme Court cancelled the bail granted to Sushil Ansal,Gopal Ansal by the High Court.


19.12.2008: Judgement of the High Court .The High court convicted 6 out of 12 convicted by the trial court. (Ajit Choudhary , Manager Uphaar died during pendency of appeal)


Sushil Ansal & Gopal Ansal – Sentence reduced to one year


Radhakishan Sharma & N S Chopra (Managers – Uphaar Cinema) – Acquitted


Manmohan Unniyal (Gate Keeper Uphaar Cinema) – sentence reduced to two years and convicted u/s 304 A IPC


B M Satija & Bir Singh (DVB) – Sentence reduced to two years u/s 304 A


A K Gera (DVB) – Acquitted


H S  Panwar ( DFS) –  Sentence reduced to one years


N D Tiwari & Shyam Sunder Sharma (MCD) – Acquitted


30.01.2009:.The Court issued notice on an SLP filed by Association of the Victims of Uphaar Tragedy for enhancement of sentence of Sushil & Gopal Ansal and alteration of charge to 304 IPC. The Hon’ble Supreme Court granted bail to Sushil Ansal, Gopal Ansal and H S Panwar. The court also issued notice on an SLP filed by Ansal’s & H S Panwar.


Sushil  Ansal, Gopal Ansal, B M Satija, Bir Singh, H S Panwar filed an appeal for acquittal


CBI filed a counter appeal for enhancement of sentence to 2 years for Sushil Ansal, Gopal Ansal, H S Panwar, Alteration of charge to 304 IPC for B M Satija, Bir Singh  ( DVB) & Manmohan Unniyal ( Gate Keeper Uphaar) and against acquittal of N S Chopra  (Manager Uphaar), A K Gera ( DVB), N D Tiwari & Shyam Sunder Sharma ( MCD)


AVUT filed an appeal for alteration of charge to 304 IPC against Sushil Ansal & Gopal Ansal.


16.02.2012 to 17.04.2013: Criminal Appeal taken up for hearing.

(Hearing goes on for over a year)


17.04.2013: Judgment reserved.







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