Mon. May 20th, 2024


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Smriti Upavan

The memorial, made using black granite,that stands here now is engraved with the names and the date of birth of each of the fifty-nine deceased, embossed like the dials of a watch, frozen in time by an event whose ripples have travelled far and wide. ‘. . . Until justice rolls down like waterand righteousness like a mighty stream . . .’ these lines by Martin Luthur King Jr are inscribed on the wall. They sum up the feelings and expectations of the affected families. A stream of water flows continuously on the round structure in front of the wall that bears the names of all the victims. This stream is supposed to serve as a constant reminder of the pain and trauma that the victims’ families are going through, and the hope for justice we sustain amid the darkness of despair. The memorial is called ‘SmritiUpavan’.