Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


Lets work together for a SAFE India

Aims & Objectives

Our strategy is to implement the Aims and Objectives of the Association and to bring in a fire safety culture, both with particular reference to: To organize seminars and debates to highlight the lack of basic safety measures in public spaces.

  • To organize workshops in schools in Delhi NCR region to impart safety knowledge among young students. This is an initiative to inculcate fire safety culture in younger generations and to train students and teachers through programme and demo on fire safety practices.
  • To distribute booklets with regard to evacuation in case of fire, fire safety guides, survival guides in case of fire, and fire safety management plan.
  • To ensure implementations of the judgements on safety laws, rendered by all Hon’ble Courts in the country.
  • To highlight the need of effective enforcement of the rules and regulation violating safety laws.
  • To examine legislation in the field of safety laws and to take measures to have the regulations upgraded, keeping in view changing need with time.