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Light a Candle for Justice

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Smriti Upavan - Memorial. Candlelight Vigil.

Join the Uphaar Victims in their fight for Justice.

To commemorate the 10th death anniversary of the 59 lives lost in the Uphaar fire the Association of the Victims of Uphaar tragedy (AVUT) is organizing a ten day vigil /campaign for justice. We will start the campaign on 3rd June 2007 at Smriti Upavan (Memorial dedicated to the victims) situated opposite Uphaar cinema, Green Park, New Delhi, at 6 pm. This vigil/campaign will continue everyday from 6 to 8 pm till 12th June 2007. Come and light a candle and show that you care.

This campaign will be concluded on 13th June 2007 with a Havan and Shanti Path followed by Bhajans at 9 am for the peace of the 59 departed souls who are still awaiting justice.

The Association requests and urges you to come and join this campaign for justice and give your valuable support to the cause for which the AVUT has been working tirelessly for a decade. Your concern and support will be greatly appreciated and will help the departed souls to get justice which they have been deprived of.

We would highly appreciate it if you left us your comments on this blog. Please let your friends know about this campaign and invite them to

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The victims…

0 thoughts on “Light a Candle for Justice

  1. The Association of the victims of Uphaar Tragedy is really doing a great job for the cause of Humanity. We as humans should really fight for the justice which is being denied to these 59 Lives which were lost in the Uphaar Tragedy which was a Man Made Tragedy and definately seeks rectifications in our Entire system.I personally feel that we Should as a resposible Citizens of India should Join Hands and Fight for the Justice as it would be helpfull for a secure and safe future of all of us.

  2. It really takes strength and determination to continue with your campaign for justice in spite of all the hardships that you have had to face. This is surely an inspiration for others and such campaigns are the foundations for a good society. I hope the judicial system speeds up the case so that the guilty may be punished.All the best.

  3. india the largest democracy leaves behind the most important element.. the PEOPLE.. living in this land.the democracy is for the people by the people is only a namesake statement and is imprinted in the constitution with bold letters but is value disintergates when we hear of such manmade tragedies.where it takes a decade for victims of the family to find justice.the accused roam around free as if taking 59 lives was no big deal.families experience trauma with each passing day of their lives,wonder how many will be alive to see them get justice poses a big questions.where justice becomes an alien word and the rich misuse power where human lives are taken and accused remain loose.democarcy has no meaning here the association plays a major part in awakenig the society to step forward and be a part of there stuggle because this tragedy could become a part of our lives any this stuggle i am with you rendering all the support i can in this fight for justice


  5. It is a tragedy that cannot be forgotten by anyone. Least of all, we all should endeavour to ensure that those responsible for it in whatever manner, are brought to book immediately to serve the ends of justice. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. This tragedy, I am sure, falls in the category of THE MOST HEINOUS CRIMES. If we let those responsible get away with it, we ourselves are accossories to the act!. Let us all get together and make our voices heard by those who are responsible for ensuring that the ends of justice are met.

  6. In the good Olden days the justice was prompt and given to one and all irrespective of the caste color, creed and hierarchy he/she belongs.
    BUT WHAT ARE WE DOING NOW??????????????
    The voices of the masses are not heard, one who can pull the strings reins

    A Tragedy of the kind of Uphaar where 59 innocent lives were lost could have been averted had necessary precautions taken by all concern agencies.

    Let us all join hand and awake the sleeping Govt. of its role & responsibilities towards citizens.

    “Agar Uphaar ke Jwala Kand ne hamein rulaya
    aur hamare chaheton ko gehri neend sulaya
    miljul kar humko ab judiciary ko jagana hai
    unko unke kaam karne ka tareeka sikhana hai”

    Jai Hind

    Rajesh Gupta

  7. My friend lost her cousin in the tragedy,and when I visted smriti upavan,I saw that so many people have lost their loved ones,and yet majority of the population is ignorant as it did not affect them.No redemption can do justice to the tragedy that has hit so many lives.However,it is we the people who can make a difference.Together we can and we will attain justice,for all the families who have been affected by this tragedy,and also to prevent the occurence of such a mishap again.

    I pray to God to give the all the families and friends of the departed souls to face all obstacles that come their way,in order to reach their ultimate goal.

  8. It is very nice to know that, the people who lost their lives at the Uphaar are still remembered. They were an integral part of their families, and each one who left that day have left a void in the lives that they touched.
    However, it is shocking that 10 long years have passed while the real culprits roam free, even today.

    May God Bless your cause, and looking forward to justice being served.

  9. We wish that efforts of AVUT should get justice for 59 innocent lives they are fighting from last 10 years. Why are they waiting for 10years,if they want they can also come on roads and destroy public proprety for demanding justice. From our childhood we have always learned that India is a democraric country,then why are our masses not getting justice from last 10 years? I would like to request all the masses wheather part of AVUT or not please join their revolution for justice as they are not only fighting for them selves but ofcourse for safety of other masses also. This tragedy can happen with anybody.

  10. I just hope that all the precious 59 souls get justice!The culprits should suffer the same though they are roaming free.
    Words cannot define the sorrows in our hearts…but we all can take some steps to awaken the judiciary.
    I wish that all the innocent souls rest in peace.

  11. 10 years have passed,
    32 court hearings have been held
    …..but the battle for justice is still on…..

    10 years back 59 lives were lost in a tragic event. What did most of us do ?? To be frank, nothing more than just feeling sad for a moment or two. But have we really spared a moment and noticed that now the emergency exit plans are flashed each time the movie starts, well stocked fire extinguishers and working fire hoses are installed in every cinema hall. All these have become a common feature now, even though the rules have been there for quite a long time.
    This tragedy was the wakeup call for the respective agencies and now because of those 59 lives we are watching the movies in much safer cinema halls. Otherwise maybe a worst tragedy was waiting to take place.
    28 families have been fighting for justice for 10 years….if we add 10 years to our own age, we can actually feel how long 10 years are. Hats off to the affected families for not losing hope all these years and still fighting for justice with increased intensity.
    Lets support them in their battle for justice and
    keep this blog alive by posting our views and by providing our continous support to the families……
    Its time we prove that humanity is far greater than the power of money !!

  12. Yesterday’s judgement passed against the killers have only reinforced our faith in the Judiciary.
    This must bring some relief to the aggrieved families that some justice has been done.

    May God bless you all and give you the strength to bring this episode to a logical end.

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