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Remember Uphaar

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Smriti Upavan


A memorial dedicated in the memory of those who lost their precious lives in the Uphaar Fire Tragedy, Green Park, New Delhi.

On 13th June 1997, twenty eight families in Delhi were struck by tragedy. Fifty-nine precious lives that were an integral part of their homes were cruelly snuffed out in an unnecessary man-made fire at the Uphaar cinema in New Delhi. Dealing with death is difficult in any circumstances. But it becomes virtually impossible to accept death knowing that it could have been avoided. For the 28 families that had to face this terrible truth, there seemed to be no relief or solace. Life seemed to offer only grief and desolation as pyres were lit, forcing parents to bid farewell to young children, or as grandparents laid to rest young grandchildren they had dawdled on their knees only the other day. Devastated by grief, 28 families came together in an attempt to share a grief that could not be borne individually. As apathetic officials, indifferent authorities and the owners of the cinema chose to look away and forget that the tragedy had ever taken place, some people came forward to help, offering practical advice and encouragement that resulted in the formation of Association of the Victims of Uphaar Tragedy (AVUT). Ten year old, the Association stands committed to working towards creating a safer India, where no Uphaar tragedies will be allowed to take place.

As a part of our social obligation, which we have been most painfully and acutely made aware of, we have undertaken to initiate all possible steps to avoid such man-made tragedies. The Association seeks to promote soul-searching at the level of the individual, community, administration and Government on the value we attach to human life as a society and our ability as a nation to implement and enforce the most basic laws governing the safety and survival of citizens. When we see pervasive callous indifference to human sufferings all around, we ask ourselves how legitimate our pretensions to civilization are.

If you would like to join our attempt to create awareness about public safety, feel free to contact AVUT at:

0 thoughts on “Remember Uphaar

  1. The courage and tenacity of the victims of Uphaar tragedy is unprecedented. The long & ardous battle against the combined might of the State as wellas big businenes house is commendable. The focus on the fire safety norms may have changed the situation only marginally, but Uphaar fight is beginning to make a difference.

    Please hang together till guilty are punished both physically and economically.

  2. The efforts put by AVUT are commendable. Efforts of Neelam krishnamurthy are remarkable. Goodness always prevails and so with time AVUT will get the justice

  3. It is very nice to know that, the people who lost their lives at the Uphaar are still remembered. They were an integral part of their families, and each one who left that day have left a void in the lives that they touched.
    However, it is shocking that 10 long years have passed while the real culprits roam free, even today.

    May God Bless your cause, and looking forward to justice being served.

  4. What Avut has done is commendable.A great job done by the association to keep the cause alive so strongly speaks for pain which this tragedy has caused and vaccum created. Bravo to all the members especially krishanamoorty’s for all the effots put in because of which Avut could reach thus far.You are not alone,you have all those people behind you who understand this pain from the bottom of their heart. Good luck.Justice will be served.

  5. AVUT really plays vital role for entire humanity and justice. This will give right path to those who are fighting for the justice from a longer time. It would be better if AVUT give their email or contact number so that people can communicate directly.

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