About AVUT

Lets Work Together For A Safe India

The Association of the Victims of Uphaar Tragedy ® (AVUT) was formed on 30th, June 1997 in the aftermath of the worst man-made tragedy that struck Delhi on June 13th 1997 at Uphaar cinema. The tragedy, which resulted in the loss of 59 innocent lives, brought 28 families together not only to share their grief but also to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again.

The main aims & objectives of the Association are:

  1. To undertake to make representations to the Central and/or State Government or other authorities for redressal of social and socio economic grievances of the victims of Uphaar tragedy, and similar tragedies that may occur in future.
  2. To initiate appropriate court proceedings to redress the grievances of victims of Uphaar tragedy, and vow to fight for justice and to take the proceedings to their logical conclusion.
  3. To expose all officials working under the control of any Government/Semi Government bodies or other authorities whose negligence and dereliction of duties or any act of omission or commission leads to such mishaps.
  4. To take such measures, as are required under the law to be able to fulfill the above obligation and ameliorate the sufferings of the people.
  5. To augment Central Accident & Trauma services and to set up emergency services with well-equipped ambulances to be able to respond in case the need arises, and launch effective and capable rescue measures by taking the victims to the hospitals.
  6. To create public awareness of the criminal negligence on the part of public authorities and owners and occupiers of the cinema hall.
  7. To impart a culture of respect for safety laws among public authorities as well as owners and occupiers of public building.
  8. To ensure speedy and impartial investigations into lapses in the field of safety laws.
  9. To adopt suitable measures for promoting expeditious trial of offenders found violating the safety laws.

AVUT has been organizing Seminars, Panel Discussions, Inter School Debates and Blood Donations Camps in order to create an awareness of value for human lives, amongst the Government, administration and also the public at large. AVUT also works towards ensuring enforceability and respect for the most basic laws governing the safety and survival of each and every citizen of India.

AVUT stands committed to working towards creating a safer India, where no Uphaar like tragedies will be allowed to take place.

AVUT’s legal battle for justice could not have begun had it not been for Mr. K.T.S. Tulsi, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court, who has led us in this crusade, and without whose support the bereaved families would still be groping in nightmarish darkness, unable to find any purpose in life. He has not only been representing AVUT as a Senior counsel in the court but also has extended his moral support and active encouragement to the members of the Association, guiding them at all times in moments of gloom and despair.

For the last ten years AVUT has been closely monitoring the Civil as well as the Criminal case to ensure that those whose negligence caused the tragedy are held responsible and brought to book.

Registered Office: 804, Asha Deep, 9 Hailey Road,
New Delhi 110001 India

Phone/Fax: +91-11-2645 1474

4 thoughts on “About AVUT

    • Its the endeavour of AVUT which spreading awareness amongst public and is giving detour and right path to life and safety provisions in building for occupants. still such incidents are not stopping in india. Kumbakonam fire 2004, AMRI hopital fire 2011, kolkata, stephens court fire kolkata, carlton fire, Bangalore and many more are there. Many people are losing their precious lives, indicate some systematic failure in building designs in India. A Writ petition was filed by sh. Avinash Mehrotra, CA from NOIDA in Supreme court of india, after 94 students death in Kombakonam school fire and tried to highlight & improve the systematic failures. Synergies of such enlightened people can bring a paradigm shift in the statutory requirements of Law in India so that no precious life should lost in buildings fire.

  1. All of us should join Jehaad against those multi millionaries who play with the lives of innocent people without considering the safety measures in public places. It is a noble beginning and we all should be a part of this cause. May god bless all the family members of victims. Mr. Bhalla was my childhood friend who lost his life in this accident. I want to meet Bhalla family, kamal bhabhi and kids bindiya, jasjeet, payal and mala. Can you provide me with the addresses and emails of these people. I will be grateful from the core of my heart to AVUT


    While the ashes of UPHAAR fire tragedy are still warm, Ansals are planning another FIRE mass massacre in Ansal Plaza Greater noida.
    Ansals have trespassed and occupied the vital fire exit corridors meant for fire safety evacuations and public movements and have converted the same into commercial retail spaces in order to earn profits for themselves without caring for the laws of the land. That accused person’s similar acts and unscrupulous behavior and callous approach towards human life and limbs resulted in the “Uphaar Cinema” case tragedy.
    The fire exits have been converted into retail spaces and are leased to Reliance Super, and Samsung Store thereby mining huge profits without learning a lesson from the past.
    The complaints have been made in written,(with a copy received by us) with pictures and layouts attached for proofs, to SSP Greater noida Dr Preetinder singh and Chief fire Officer Mr. Muninder Tyagi on 30/1 2014 , 30 / 12/13, 3/1/14 but the administration is silent, maybe things are done in connivance with the police and concerned Authorityes.

    siddhartha upadhyaya / devender negi

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