30.01.2009:         “Issue notice on the special leave petition .Issue notice also on the question as to why, in the event provision of Section 304A of the IPC are found to be applicable, sentence be not enhanced”

19.03.2010:         “Call for the records of the courts below. Put up for final disposal on 10 .08.2010”

11.08.2010:         “The Ld. Sr. Counsel appearing for the appellant seeks permission to prepare the paper book .Permission is granted. Such paper book shall be prepared within a period of 8 weeks and the copy thereof shall be supplied to all concerned. These matters  shall come up for hearing in the second week of November i.e.9.11.2010. “

29.10.2010:         “Mr Jethamalani, Ld Sr counsel for the Appellant prays that these appeals may be adjourned by two weeks from the next date of hearing i.e 9.11.2010.As prayed , these appeals stand adjourned by two weeks from 9.11.2010.”

25.11.2010:         “At the request of Mr Jethamalani Ld Sr Counsel appearing for the appellant in Crl. Appeal No 597/201, list these immediately after the Christmas Holidays,2010”

05.5.2011:            “Adjournment is being sought on account of ill health of Mr Ram Jethamalani who is the leading counsel in these matters. Considering the reason, we adjourn these matters beyond summer vacation. However the matters shall retain their position. List in the second week of July 2011.”

19.07.2011:         “At the request of Mr Ram Jethamalani, Ld Sr. Counsel appearing for the appellants in Crl. Appeal   No. 597/10, list these matters on 24.8.2011.”

24.08.2011:         “Ld. Counsel for the Appellants have made a request for adjournment on the ground that the case has come on top to their surprise and hence it may be adjourned to a mutual agreed date. Ld. Counsel for the respondents submits that this may be last adjournment. The parties agree on 20.9.2011 as the next date of hearing. List on 20.9.2011 as 1st item in the hearing list.”

20.09.2011:         “These    Criminal      appeals   are    posted        for   final hearing. However, considering the time required for completing arguments in the case as indicated by the learned counsel for the parties and in view of the fact that one of us (Cyriac Joseph, J.) is due to retire in the month of January, 2012, we do not consider it proper or    expedient    to    commence    hearing     of    these     Criminal Appeals.

Let   these    Criminal    Appeals     be    posted    before   a Bench of which Cyriac Joseph, J. is not a member.”

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